COLOR CORRECTOR SIMPLIFIED WITH GOSH! ( Do you really need them ?)

Orange, peach , green, lavender, yellow –  shades are the most exclusively used by all the makeup artists worldwide, its just that they’re making a mainstream splash and they’re easier to use than you would think. Here’s the lowdown !

Just like highlighting and contouring are the techniques that are still in trend, so is the color correction. All these three skills are possessed by the makeup artists and make them the best performers ever. Thanks to a crazy explosion of color-correcting palettes, creams, crayons, stick from loads and loads of beauty brands, and today we are finally hitting the GOSH COSMETICS COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE 001.

GOSH, is an innovative and trendy cosmetics brand from Denmark, that has been turning heads for more than 25 years. The products are completely paraben free and cruelty free brand. Want to know more , follow them on Instagram @GoshArabia and #gosharabia.

Before we start, do you think it is overwhelming as these color correcting steps to be followed, before we start with the actual makeup ?

Fear not, once we figure out, whether we need color correction, and then what type, its going to be real simple, and by that time you already know more than you think. 

What is color correction ? This theory uses the basic concept of colors to “correct” discoloration. Its like how a blue based red lipstick makes yellow teeth appear white?

Who needs color corrector ? Most of us needs a little flawless complexion. Though we love the results with the foundation and concealer, we still needs to be like a porcelain skin, with a super smooth finish and with even skin tone and of course our makeup to last longer. Getting to the point, its the big villain in everyone’s life DARK CIRCLES, PIGMENTATION , ACNE SCARS, and much more. 

Color correcting classes to begin with GOSH !


Gosh cosmetics introduces a lovely palette consisting of 5 different colors for your various needs in order to enhance your basic makeup and to provide with the perfect finish.

 These are 5 blend able color correcting shades to correct and cover the imperfections, giving you a high coverage , long wear ability, eliminating the imperfections, counteract discolorations, and above all easy to blend, and it is cream based formula! Interesting !!!

Got a Glimpse of color corrector by looking at the pic?

Now lets see, What corrects what ?

The most famous word ” NEUTRALIZE ” comes into action now ! And here’s the break down based on what you might want to neutralize.

how adorable is this palette?

its more like 5 different problems with 1 solution. 

  • PALE PINK / PEACH : Targets Blue toned spots on Fair skin. Peach neutralizes Blue / purple shadows on medium skin.
  • ORANGE : Cancels out dark spots on dark skin tones.
  • YELLOW : Conceals purple or darker toned shadows on olive or Tan skin.
  • GREEN : Camouflages Redness.
  • LAVENDER : Cancels out yellow tones. 

With this beautiful color correcting palette, the range of shades are there for pale and deeper intensities,”I mean for every skin tone ” – Thank you GOSH.

Lets look at how creamy they are, and little swatch play on my hand!


How to apply color corrector?

  • Whether you apply colour corrector before or after concealer and foundation depends on the intensity of the discoloration you want to neutralize – and where it’s located. The under-eye area is easier to correct. If you need  correction, you can mix peach or orange with your concealer to adjust the tone.
  • For severely dark circles, lay down a light application of corrector, then apply concealer or foundation on top in a stippling or patting-with-fingertips motion.
  • Based on your imperfections, you can use the colors to your choice and have a flawless skin without any imperfections. 

How Expensive is this palette ? Its super affordable, priced at AED 85/-.

Available at Boots Pharmacy , Lifestyle gulf. 

Will I Repurchase ? Definitely Yes !!! I feel this is a better option to carry a palette than to have individual colors, and sometimes it can solve other purpose as well, who knows !

I hope this has helped to understand  this colour-correcting craze. Does everyone need to get on board? If your complexion looks great with a touch of concealer and some tinted moisturizer, not you. But if, no matter what you try, people keep asking whether you’re tired because your circles are showing, or you just can’t achieve a radiant complexion no matter what foundation you try, then yes, you want to spend some time in colour-correction class.

Are you new to colour correction in makeup? Will you explore it a bit? How Cool is this palette ? Would you mind to check them out  ? Do let me know ! I’m super excited and cant wait to show you all , how my imperfections are taken care by Gosh ! Head over to my Instagram, to keep track of it. 



Misslyn Deadly Beautiful Eye shadow Palette – Review

Hi my lovely fashionistas out there ! Today’s post is going to be an interesting post about a pretty eye shadow palette from Misslyn. I promise this time I am keeping it quite short. Without further due, lets jump right into it !

(Picture source from Misslyn)

Seeing the palette, you might think of Halloween, but certainly not ! They are not around the corner, but who says that ? it can be used at any time of the  year.  This year the most beautiful design definitely wins Misslyn Cosmetics with the Deadly Beautiful series! A design with the theme  flowers, skulls and even the products rather extraordinary nuances, yes admitted, that cries after me or? That’s why I had to put them to the test!

There are two pallets, mixed with eye shadow, highlighters, rouge and eyebrow products. The pallets have a nice matte paper wrapping! The mirror is especially beautiful when the pallets are opened.
How Gorgeous the packaging is !
The Deadly Beautiful range has lovely range from Cool blue, Cool Grey, Turquoise , and Expressive Purple.  The palette itself contains shimmering eye shadow shades. I sighed them first without base, but the color when swatches was amazing. The pigmentation was amazing and I had a happy feeling of ” Yes, I can blend them well “.
Look at the Peach Blush and Highlight !

The Peach Blush and the highlighters are the best combo ever. Seriously it solves the dual purpose. If you need a highlighter on your face, and to the brow bone, this is it ! Its right there at just one place.

Back side of the palette
The eye shadow shades are beautifully matched and definitely suitable for every day to extravagant looks. In combination with the highlighters, the blush  and the eyebrow products , the pallet is perfect as a small travel palette.
Beautiful colors ❤

I would prefer this palette myself more during the travel , as it has all that I need in one shot ! This is what I love the most . I love the Blue and purple nuances a lot, and I cant wait to show the looks for you guys very soon. 

Do you own any of these palette ? Do remember they are limited edition palette. So get your hands on ASAP ! 

For more looks, please visit my instagram, @py_fashionista.

About the Brand : Misslyn is a German Brand, where the product range is terminologically tested , and it is suitable for sensitive skin as well. They are available at Lifestyle gulf , Debenhams and Life cosmetics online. 

Follow on Instagram : @misslyn.arabia

Follow on Facebook : /misslyn.arabia

Last but not least, this beautiful palette retails for AED 86, and it is very much affordable. Totally Recommend. 

How many of you own this palette ? Let me know your thoughts ….



Review : Max Factor Color Elixir Lipsticks

Hey my loves, today I am back with another pretty lipsticks from Max Factor. This is the first time ever I tried these lipsticks, and I’m shocked to see myself getting addicted to it. To know more, why I’ll love ? please keep reading !


These are the MAX FACTOR COLOR ENRICH LIPSTICKS. In addition to this, I will also be reviewing their VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK.


PACKAGING : Max Factor Color Elixir Lipstick come in a glossy gold body. the packaging is really good. The lipstick case comes with the color of the lipstick at the bottom. They also have the name and the code number of the shade printed at the bottom. The cap clicks tight, and that makes it very travel friendly. Overall , the golden color gives it a very classy and stylish look.

Only one lipstick has a black case, but it looks so classy as well !

Now, lets look at the each shade !

From L to R : 25 Pink Blush , 825 Pink Brandy , 827 Bewitching Coral , 685 Mulberry.

Lipstick 685 Mulberry – As the name says, it is a pretty deep berry pink with hint of red undertones. It will suit well for all the skin tones. The lipstick is bright and doesn’t come out very deep as it looks in the tube. The shade has very fine shimmer particles on the tube which is really not noticeable on the lips, but it does help in adding a gorgeous sheen to the lips. 

Lipstick 827 Bewitching Coral – It is a pretty light coral shade, with a hint of pink & orange. It is such a flattering shade for summer especially. And the color would look great on fair and medium skin tones. For darker skin tones, pairing up with slightly darker lip liner will be really good. Or topping with other color and mixing two different colors can be a great choice of application. 


Lipstick 825 Pink Brandy – Oh, what can I say about this shade? A beautiful pink mauve shade, exceptionally good to wear for summer. This would absolutely go well on Fair, Medium and darker skin tones as well. It is a mid , not that too Barbie pink or very light one. You all know, wearing the perfect pink lipstick, is quite a hard choice, but this color adapts most of the skin tone.

Lipstick 25 Pink blush – If you want to have a moisturizing feel and matte finish for a striking lip look , then you for this ! Its a gorgeous dark pink color, that would look great on all skin tones. 

From Top to Bottom : 25 Pink Blush , 825 Pink Brandy , 827 Bewitching coral , 685 Mulberry.

TEXTURE: The lipstick has a very soft and creamy texture. It glides effortlessly on the lips.  Because of the creamy texture, you can easily skip a lip balm prior to application of this lipstick. 

The formula of the lipstick doesn’t settle onto fine lines or accentuate dryness on my lips. I really feel very light on my lips. And these lipsticks have faint vanilla fragrance, which fades slowly on application. 

WEAR ABILITY : All these lipsticks have a soft matte finish, and are infused with oils and butters and that the color glides smoothly across the lips. Is this accurate ? Its a resounding YES from me ! I found these very easy to apply. they don’t dry to that matte finish, that can leave you uncomfortable. Instead they dry to a soft sheen that allows you to move your lips without cracking. The colour pay off on the lip is just as pigmented as my arm swatches. So far so good. 


  • Apply color to your lip brush from the base of your lipstick.
  • Use the lip brush to fill in your lips.
  • Blot with a tissue and reapply.
  • Use Translucent powder between coats for longer lasting lipstick.  

Overall , The color stayed on my lips for about good 4 hours, without any touch ups. And this might differ from person to person. It feels very light on my lips, moisturizing ,with smooth and creamy formula.

This was sent to me a Sample PR package. And I would not hesitate to repurchase these when needed. The price point is affordable AED 70 – AED 80 range. You may also find them at local boots pharmacy. 

It can also be availed from Max , Lifestyle stores , center point as well. 



7 reasons to use a Panty Liner! – At Ease

Hi there, to all the lovely women in the world ! Let’s begin with the obvious : Every woman in the history of humanity has or had a period. Each month, her uterus sheds its lining, sending blood flowing out through her vagina, unless she is pregnant. This process is natural, beautiful too and no human race is without it. Yet most of us loathe talking about it. 

Coming to the point, I request everyone to ask a few questions to yourself, before you read my article.

  • Do you (I) know what exactly a panty liner mean ?
  • Have you ( I) ever used a panty liner ?
  • Do you (I) know the difference between a panty liner and a Sanitary pad ?
  • Do you (I) think that is it essential in everyday’s life ?
  • Do you (I) think its something ashamed to be spoken about ?

Know the difference between a “Sanitary Pad” & a “Panty Liner” ?

Pads and panty liners are worn outside the body. They’re attached to your underwear and absorb fluid and/or secretions after they leave your body. Pads are typically used to absorb menstrual fluid and panty liners, to absorb natural discharge. Tampons are worn internally and are inserted into the vagina.


An integral part of my daily personal hygiene is the use of a panty liner. It is similar to a pad but just not as thick or absorbent. Thinner than most pads, a panty liner can be an everyday savior for women who need that all-day fresh feeling down there. Here are seven good reasons to use a panty liner every day, using AT EASE PANTY LINER:

These are Everyday Wings with Anion. Now, what does that do ?

  • Eradicates odor as it stops bacterial & fungal growth
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Enhances metabolism – removing fatigue
  • Assists the return to hormonal balance

Gives a safe intimate care.

Finally, here are the 7 reasons to use  At Ease panty liner & Why ???

  1. It keeps you dry and fresh all day , I detest the feeling of wet inner wear due to normal vaginal discharge. Panty liners keep your inner wear dry on such occasions.
  2. It prevents you from wetting your pants a little when someone cracks a really funny joke, it reminds me even though am at home, when i laugh so hard, and after the laughing session is over, I realize my panty is wet. This is a saver ! 
  3. The best time if you are jogging or running or indulged in any kind of physical exercises, this is a keeper. 
  4. Comes as a rescue, when your period shows up unexpectedly. Carrying a panty liner in your bag is a great idea on days when your period appears unannounced and you can’t get hold of a pad in time. I cannot imagine getting my favorite dress ruined. ( Hell No….)
  5. It is great when you are expecting your period or on the last day of it , Who needs a pad when you can use a panty liner that is so much more flexible and comfortable.
  6. I always prefer a non-wet inner wear at all times and a panty liner always ensures, and its the best if there are no tissues in the washroom! Agreeable ???
  7. Finally, it also takes the stress of a little foreplay! 

About the Brand : The At Ease Everyday wings comes in a pack of 24, with a resealable pouch, making it very comfortable to keep it fit in your handbags / gym bags. And they are made in UAE. 

Since, they are with Anion, it eliminates the bad odor and bacteria.

Lets, see how it looks ?


Looks very thin and each panty liner is individually packed for locked hygiene.


This is how it looks, when i open it ! 160 mm length, wider back for enhanced comfort.

Caution : If you bleed heavily during the periods, the sanitary pads play a vital role !

Its very easy to use, but many of them are not aware of how do you dispose it ! 

Instructions for Disposal :

  • Remove the wings and pull outwards gently.
  • Fold the wings inward.
  • Roll it.
  • Seal with the sticker. 

I also catch the glimpse of few other questions from your mind . Here are they !

Whats the right age to use a panty liner ?

Well, it begins at the age of 8, however discuss the need of it to your mother first !

When should I change my panty liner ?

If it feels wet, unpleasant , its the time to change it. If not it lasts all day. 

Is it also good to remove them in the evening or at night, so that the pant area can breathe.

I hope, the above reasons to use a panty liner fulfills all your queries, and I insist every girl or a women to educate themselves and others as well regarding the safe hygiene intimate care. 

Where can I get these super comfy At Ease panty liners ?

Talking about intimate issues is really insightful, empowering and can provide practical solutions to issues that we all share. Lets not be ashamed to talk about it and lets educate about it more. 

How many of you are going to start from today ? Let me know….



 ( A Little Disclaimer : This product was sent to me as  a PR sample . However the reviews about the product are 100 % honest, and are tested personally on various occasions on a normal day, before and after periods. )

The Gift from Sephora…


Hi my loves, hope you are all having a fabulous day ! Are you seeing some tiny black case of sephora ? Can you guess it, what it is??? If you said Blush, Well Done !  Continue reading “The Gift from Sephora…”

Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash Review

Hi beauties, I am here again to review  another product from Himalaya Herbals. I have a combination acne prone skin , and have been using this face wash for the past 3 months, and I’m totally in love with this face wash. 

I have been using my old friend Neutrogena Deep clean facewash for years and years, and it worked well for me. While in between I switched back to another brand, I faced major breakouts, acne , and I didn’t like it at all. 

My fight-against-acne began with this face wash and I kind of got emotional seeing the transparent green tube of this neem cleanser . I totally adore Himalaya Herbals products. 

himalaya neem wash

Himalaya claims: A soap-free, herbal formulation that gently removes impurities and prevents pimples. Neem, well-known for its anti bacterial properties, kills problem causing bacteria, and Turmeric effectively controls acne and pimples. Use regularly for clear, soft and pimple free skin.


How to Use Himalaya Neem Face Wash: Moisten face and neck; apply a small amount of Purifying Neem and gently work up a lather using a circular motion. Wash off and pat dry. Use twice daily. Use Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack once a week to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

Purifying Neem Face Wash comes in a transparent plastic tube which has a dark green colored flip-open cap. The packaging is very simple and neat.

The face wash is light green in color and has the appropriate consistency. The face wash lathers well and a small quantity is enough to cover the face and neck.

I do not know if Himalaya Neem actually has turmeric but I am certain that there are neem extracts in this. The face wash cleanses the face properly and leaves a faint neem smell for a while.

It generously removes dirt, grease and oil from the face. It does not clog the facial pores. It works to slow down the occurrence of pimples but it has near to no effect on the existing pimples. However, the face wash cannot battle against oil.

So, here are  the PROS : 

  • It doesn’t make my skin dry or stretchy, even it provides hydration to the skin which gives a dewy finish to my face.
  • It doesn’t sting nor does it cause any skin breakouts.
  • It is very gentle and never ever irritated my sensitive acne prone skin.
  • It is quite effective in preventing pimples.
  • This neem face wash is suitable for almost all skin types.
  • It is hypoallergenic and is free from harmful chemicals.
  • It is not very expensive and the quantity provided for its price is pretty decent.
  • Himalaya Neem face wash is easily available at stores & online shopping website.


Extremely oily skin people might not like it, as it doesn’t give that squeaky clean skin.

SUMMARY : Overall Himalaya Purifying Neem face wash is very gently daily cleanser which removes all impurities effectively. It is free from harmful chemicals and is not very expensive. I strongly recommend this face wash for combination to oily skin.

Have you tried this facewash  ? Please share your experience !

Until Next post