The Gift from Sephora…


Hi my loves, hope you are all having a fabulous day ! Are you seeing some tiny black case of sephora ? Can you guess it, what it is??? If you said Blush, Well Done ! 

I was gifted this lovely Blush palette from Sephora on account of my birthday, being a Black card member enrolled in their loyalty program. Are everyone eligible for this ??? Yes, definitely, if you hold a Black card or Gold card, you are entitled to get this present on your birthday.

I know you might be wondering, how was it sent to me ? You will be receiving an email with a warm Birthday wish from sephora, and a Gift voucher consisting of some bar code.

Just walk into any of the sephora counters, show them the email, and collect your present ! How cool is this !

Happy Birthday to Meee……..

More exciting right, keep reading…. 

The packaging is really small, it is smaller than the Sephora Card 🙂  The perfect size when you’re on the go, it doesn’t take much space in the beauty bag and it has a mirror! Also, it seems quite sturdy and it closes well.

Tadaa……. Look at those blushes!

I was really pleased with the color combo. Its a Peachy and pink blush.

I’ve used these blushes a few times already, but only separately – I haven’t mixed the colors yet, but it’s something that I definitely want to try. 


These are powder blushes   and they don’t seem very pigmented at first – but beware, it happened  to me once with the peachy blush, I’ve actually ended up with too much color on my cheeks 🙂 So do  wait a little before applying another layer.

I really liked my gift from sephora, and i cant wait to see what i’ll get next !

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