A perfect winter care with Palmer’s.

Hi ! my lovely people, hope you are all doing good. Now that the winters have officially begun, and yes, its time for winter care, an extra care that our skin needs during this time.

What do you do during winters ? A moisturizing cream or a oil or a gel ? Mine got sorted with Palmer’s . Do you want to know how , keep reading !


These are my current winter favorites , featured here.

  • Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula Moisturizing Body oil.
  • Palmer’s Cocoa butter formula with vitamin E .

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing body oil :


Key Ingredients : Vitamin E , Soybean , Sesame and safflower.

The product claims as a light oil specially formulated with pure cocoa butter and vitamin E to help soften , soothe rough and dry skin. This is a rich formula that gets absorbed into the skin easily.

Palmer’s cocoa Butter formula cream :


Key Ingredients : Vitamin E.

The product claims as a rich and luxurious cocoa butter formula with original solid that provides deep hydration all over. This unique formula melts into the skin, creating a protective barrier that locks the moisture.

My take on the product : I have absolutely fallen in love with the oil more than the solid honestly. I have a extra dry skin on my feet which has been completely taken care of. Especially, during the winters they are even more drier, and the skin totally loses the hydration. But not any more, with this super quick absorbing oil.

Formulated with Vitamin E, one of the vital ingredient to have a soft smooth skin does exactly what is supposed to do. Sometimes, I would like to add 1-2 drops of this oil to the warm water and have my shower, or mostly I apply it to my damp skin, so that moisture is locked to my skin and they remain soft all day long.

The cocoa butter solid does contain vitamin E, and i love to keep this in my handbags, which means I can keep them even on the go. Did you hear it ? I said yes, even on the go.


A simple plastic container that is completely filled with the cocoa butter solid is perfect for face, skin, lips and all also for the stretch marks. I have used the tummy butter during my pregnancy which gave me the best results, and I am sure with constant use this would definitely help with the marks .


Both the cocoa butter range smells so yummy! Being a chocolate lover, I could hardly resist from eating them ( no joke :p ). Formulated without parabens and pththalates. 100% it relieves the rough and dry skin. Can be used both day and night , or as over might treatment.

The cocoa butter moisturizing body oil comes in a seal able, plastic bottle weighing 250 ml, and the cocoa butter solid comes in a 100 ml tub, both are quite sufficient in quantity for a few months use as a little bit goes a long way.

Will I Repurchase  ? Yes, definitely.

The price range is affordable, really inexpensive and are available at Boots Middle East, and few hypermarkets like Lulu , Al Manama , Megamart and other leading pharmacies. 

What’s your winter care ? do share with me !



( These products were sent to me by Palmer’s for reviewing and testing purpose. However all my opinion about these products are genuine based on personal use.


COLOR CORRECTOR SIMPLIFIED WITH GOSH! ( Do you really need them ?)

Orange, peach , green, lavender, yellow –  shades are the most exclusively used by all the makeup artists worldwide, its just that they’re making a mainstream splash and they’re easier to use than you would think. Here’s the lowdown !

Just like highlighting and contouring are the techniques that are still in trend, so is the color correction. All these three skills are possessed by the makeup artists and make them the best performers ever. Thanks to a crazy explosion of color-correcting palettes, creams, crayons, stick from loads and loads of beauty brands, and today we are finally hitting the GOSH COSMETICS COLOR CORRECTING PALETTE 001.

GOSH, is an innovative and trendy cosmetics brand from Denmark, that has been turning heads for more than 25 years. The products are completely paraben free and cruelty free brand. Want to know more , follow them on Instagram @GoshArabia and #gosharabia.

Before we start, do you think it is overwhelming as these color correcting steps to be followed, before we start with the actual makeup ?

Fear not, once we figure out, whether we need color correction, and then what type, its going to be real simple, and by that time you already know more than you think. 

What is color correction ? This theory uses the basic concept of colors to “correct” discoloration. Its like how a blue based red lipstick makes yellow teeth appear white?

Who needs color corrector ? Most of us needs a little flawless complexion. Though we love the results with the foundation and concealer, we still needs to be like a porcelain skin, with a super smooth finish and with even skin tone and of course our makeup to last longer. Getting to the point, its the big villain in everyone’s life DARK CIRCLES, PIGMENTATION , ACNE SCARS, and much more. 

Color correcting classes to begin with GOSH !


Gosh cosmetics introduces a lovely palette consisting of 5 different colors for your various needs in order to enhance your basic makeup and to provide with the perfect finish.

 These are 5 blend able color correcting shades to correct and cover the imperfections, giving you a high coverage , long wear ability, eliminating the imperfections, counteract discolorations, and above all easy to blend, and it is cream based formula! Interesting !!!

Got a Glimpse of color corrector by looking at the pic?

Now lets see, What corrects what ?

The most famous word ” NEUTRALIZE ” comes into action now ! And here’s the break down based on what you might want to neutralize.

how adorable is this palette?

its more like 5 different problems with 1 solution. 

  • PALE PINK / PEACH : Targets Blue toned spots on Fair skin. Peach neutralizes Blue / purple shadows on medium skin.
  • ORANGE : Cancels out dark spots on dark skin tones.
  • YELLOW : Conceals purple or darker toned shadows on olive or Tan skin.
  • GREEN : Camouflages Redness.
  • LAVENDER : Cancels out yellow tones. 

With this beautiful color correcting palette, the range of shades are there for pale and deeper intensities,”I mean for every skin tone ” – Thank you GOSH.

Lets look at how creamy they are, and little swatch play on my hand!


How to apply color corrector?

  • Whether you apply colour corrector before or after concealer and foundation depends on the intensity of the discoloration you want to neutralize – and where it’s located. The under-eye area is easier to correct. If you need  correction, you can mix peach or orange with your concealer to adjust the tone.
  • For severely dark circles, lay down a light application of corrector, then apply concealer or foundation on top in a stippling or patting-with-fingertips motion.
  • Based on your imperfections, you can use the colors to your choice and have a flawless skin without any imperfections. 

How Expensive is this palette ? Its super affordable, priced at AED 85/-.

Available at Boots Pharmacy , Lifestyle gulf. 

Will I Repurchase ? Definitely Yes !!! I feel this is a better option to carry a palette than to have individual colors, and sometimes it can solve other purpose as well, who knows !

I hope this has helped to understand  this colour-correcting craze. Does everyone need to get on board? If your complexion looks great with a touch of concealer and some tinted moisturizer, not you. But if, no matter what you try, people keep asking whether you’re tired because your circles are showing, or you just can’t achieve a radiant complexion no matter what foundation you try, then yes, you want to spend some time in colour-correction class.

Are you new to colour correction in makeup? Will you explore it a bit? How Cool is this palette ? Would you mind to check them out  ? Do let me know ! I’m super excited and cant wait to show you all , how my imperfections are taken care by Gosh ! Head over to my Instagram, to keep track of it.