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Hi there, to all the lovely women in the world ! Let’s begin with the obvious : Every woman in the history of humanity has or had a period. Each month, her uterus sheds its lining, sending blood flowing out through her vagina, unless she is pregnant. This process is natural, beautiful too and no human race is without it. Yet most of us loathe talking about it. 

Coming to the point, I request everyone to ask a few questions to yourself, before you read my article.

  • Do you (I) know what exactly a panty liner mean ?
  • Have you ( I) ever used a panty liner ?
  • Do you (I) know the difference between a panty liner and a Sanitary pad ?
  • Do you (I) think that is it essential in everyday’s life ?
  • Do you (I) think its something ashamed to be spoken about ?

Know the difference between a “Sanitary Pad” & a “Panty Liner” ?

Pads and panty liners are worn outside the body. They’re attached to your underwear and absorb fluid and/or secretions after they leave your body. Pads are typically used to absorb menstrual fluid and panty liners, to absorb natural discharge. Tampons are worn internally and are inserted into the vagina.


An integral part of my daily personal hygiene is the use of a panty liner. It is similar to a pad but just not as thick or absorbent. Thinner than most pads, a panty liner can be an everyday savior for women who need that all-day fresh feeling down there. Here are seven good reasons to use a panty liner every day, using AT EASE PANTY LINER:

These are Everyday Wings with Anion. Now, what does that do ?

  • Eradicates odor as it stops bacterial & fungal growth
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Enhances metabolism – removing fatigue
  • Assists the return to hormonal balance

Gives a safe intimate care.

Finally, here are the 7 reasons to use  At Ease panty liner & Why ???

  1. It keeps you dry and fresh all day , I detest the feeling of wet inner wear due to normal vaginal discharge. Panty liners keep your inner wear dry on such occasions.
  2. It prevents you from wetting your pants a little when someone cracks a really funny joke, it reminds me even though am at home, when i laugh so hard, and after the laughing session is over, I realize my panty is wet. This is a saver ! 
  3. The best time if you are jogging or running or indulged in any kind of physical exercises, this is a keeper. 
  4. Comes as a rescue, when your period shows up unexpectedly. Carrying a panty liner in your bag is a great idea on days when your period appears unannounced and you can’t get hold of a pad in time. I cannot imagine getting my favorite dress ruined. ( Hell No….)
  5. It is great when you are expecting your period or on the last day of it , Who needs a pad when you can use a panty liner that is so much more flexible and comfortable.
  6. I always prefer a non-wet inner wear at all times and a panty liner always ensures, and its the best if there are no tissues in the washroom! Agreeable ???
  7. Finally, it also takes the stress of a little foreplay! 

About the Brand : The At Ease Everyday wings comes in a pack of 24, with a resealable pouch, making it very comfortable to keep it fit in your handbags / gym bags. And they are made in UAE. 

Since, they are with Anion, it eliminates the bad odor and bacteria.

Lets, see how it looks ?


Looks very thin and each panty liner is individually packed for locked hygiene.


This is how it looks, when i open it ! 160 mm length, wider back for enhanced comfort.

Caution : If you bleed heavily during the periods, the sanitary pads play a vital role !

Its very easy to use, but many of them are not aware of how do you dispose it ! 

Instructions for Disposal :

  • Remove the wings and pull outwards gently.
  • Fold the wings inward.
  • Roll it.
  • Seal with the sticker. 

I also catch the glimpse of few other questions from your mind . Here are they !

Whats the right age to use a panty liner ?

Well, it begins at the age of 8, however discuss the need of it to your mother first !

When should I change my panty liner ?

If it feels wet, unpleasant , its the time to change it. If not it lasts all day. 

Is it also good to remove them in the evening or at night, so that the pant area can breathe.

I hope, the above reasons to use a panty liner fulfills all your queries, and I insist every girl or a women to educate themselves and others as well regarding the safe hygiene intimate care. 

Where can I get these super comfy At Ease panty liners ?




Talking about intimate issues is really insightful, empowering and can provide practical solutions to issues that we all share. Lets not be ashamed to talk about it and lets educate about it more. 

How many of you are going to start from today ? Let me know….



 ( A Little Disclaimer : This product was sent to me as  a PR sample . However the reviews about the product are 100 % honest, and are tested personally on various occasions on a normal day, before and after periods. )