Palmer’s a perfect hairgician – without a wand!

Today’s review is all about Palmer’s Olive oil Formula Deep conditioner and Palmer’s Olive oil formula strengthening Leave – in – conditioner. Lets quickly get into it. 

Give hair a deep repairing treatment with the power of antioxidant rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Deep Conditioner, a super creamy intensive conditioner, is loaded with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fortified with our exclusive Botanical Scalp Complex blend to provide essential vitamins and minerals to dry, damaged hair, penetrate deep to restore moisture and shine and strengthen weak brittle hair, helping it grow longer and minimizing breakage while leaving hair silky and healthy.
No Sulfates • No Parabens • No Phthalates • No Mineral Oil • No Gluten • No Dyes


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: contains natural vitamins and minerals which act as antioxidants protecting hair and skin from damaging.
  • Vitamin E: helps in hair’s natural ability to repair damage.
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil: a strong lipid content which helps relieve dry, itchy scalp while protecting hair from styling damage .

This deep conditioner has a rich and creamy texture with medium consistency. The consistency makes it easy to spread among each hair strand. It has pale pistachio color and a mild fragrance to it.

HOW DID I APPLY ? To use, I take an appropriate amount to cover my hair with the conditioner. The quantity to use will also depend on how dry and damaged your hair is. I apply it all over my hair, starting from mid-length to the ends, concentrating on the ends. Then, I use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product evenly. The product gets distributed evenly without any difficulty.
After applying, I leave it for 20 minutes . Later, I rinse it off with water. The deep conditioner gets rinsed off quickly and does not leave any residue behind. I use it once a week as it makes my hair look flat soon enough.
The application of this conditioner makes the detangling process easier as there are minimal knots. It keeps the dry ends hydrated and moisturized, preventing further damage. It does not weigh down the hair after washing, but all the nourishment makes it oily/flat before the next wash.
It also helps in controlling the frizz to an extent and makes hair more manageable. As it makes hair smooth and manageable, the styling also becomes easier. However, if I have to add texture to the hair, I go for  Palmer’s Olive oil LEAVE IN CONDITIONER and finish rest of my styling.


This is a very light leave in conditioner, in my opinion. I bought this leave in conditioner because of its tall claims and also because of the richness of natural products it has. I use it on my dry hair. I am happy with the fact that too much product doesn’t come out in one spray. 

It does tame down my frizz and makes my hair manageable for a day but I have to use it again the next day. This product is very mild in my opinion and you might have to reuse it in the evening if you have extremely dry hair.
Overall, it’s a light leave-in conditioner that moisturizes your hair and conditions it. If you have oily scalp then this might not be the best thing for you.

Overall, it is a good buy for dry and damaged hair. I like the results after using this deep conditioner & the spray together . It makes hair softer, smoother and more manageable while controlling frizz up to an extent. It also leads to less hair breakage.

Palmer’s products are cruelty free , and are formulated without harsh chemicals and are available at all leading super markets , hypermarkets and select Boots .

Have you tried them ?