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So, everyone has been talking about something called Shadescents and its all over on the instagram, facebook, blogs, everywhere!

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“Fragrance and “MAC Cosmetics” may not be two beauty keywords frequently associated together, but MAC appears to be trying to change that with Shadescents, a range of six fragrances inspired by and named after six of its most iconic Lipstick shades.

Brand fanatics will know that this isn’t actually MAC’s first foray into fragrance! Turquatic, a classic ocean – inspired scent, and the company’s take on floral, Air of style, launched in 2005 and 2007, respectively. However shadescents goes in a completely different direction and is the first range that takes direct inspiration from a makeup product.


This entire collection was launched during the holiday season ( I am already late, I know !!!)

The shadescents collection comes with six perfumes inspired by six of their most iconic lip colors.


They re-launched the lipsticks with special limited-edition packaging in tinted caps to match the lipsticks themselves along with color-coordinated fragrances.

The scents are all EAU DE PARFUMS and they are priced at $57 / AED 295 each for 50ml / 1.7 fl oz. The lipsticks are $17 each / AED 104 for 3g/0.1 oz with special edition packaging.


The six options include

  • Heroine (purple, matte),
  •  Ruby Woo (deep red, retro matte),
  • Lady Danger (bright coral red, matte),
  • Candy Yum-Yum (bright neon pink,matte),
  • Velvet Teddy (neutral nude, matte) and
  • Crème d’Nude (pale beige, cremesheen).

Crème d’Nude  – The Scent is described as an amber velvet musk which I find accurate.

Velvet Teddy – The scent is described as oriental amber with wild honey and creamy musk. This is definitely a sweet honey like scent with a bit of spice. If you like honey scents this will be right up your alley. The spice notes are prominent giving it a velvety feel.

Candy Yum Yum – The scent is extremely sweet described as fruity floral gourmand with pink guava

Lady Danger – The scent is described as a woody oriental floral with patchouli. It’s very spicy and masculine with a strong incense kind of vibe.

Ruby Woo –  The scent  is described as a woody floral. This has leather notes that makes it even deeper and more dramatic than Lady Danger.

Heroine  – The scent is described as woody leather with a primal feel. It’s the most masculine scent out of the lineup.

Overall a really interesting concept. I do think the creators of this collection managed to capture the lipstick in a scent that made sense. Scents are so personal and everyone has different tastes so I do not think these will be everyone’s cup of tea. My favorite is Ruby Woo but my husband is not a fan of it on me. If you’re near a MAC Store I’d recommend you definitely give these a look. They’re worth checking out and it’s always fun to play at the freestanding stores. If anything I love the special edition packaging of the lip colors – I’m tempted to buy velvet teddy .The color-coordinated caps and black base are so sleek and pretty!

The collection is available at Mac Cosmetics. Have you checked it out yet? What did you think?

You can check it in the Mac Cosmetics Store or as you know , it is also available online for you to purchase,

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